Frank Worth Collection
Photographer Frank Worth

The Frank Worth Collection

Frank Worth (1923-2000) was a photographer from America, and a friend and confidant to many of Hollywood’s elite celebrities. His personal relationships and loyalty to the Hollywood stars he candidly photographed kept him from publishing his images. Consequently, only a few of Frank Worth's extraordinary photographs were seen during his lifetime.

Frank Worth made a modest living as a freelance photographer in Hollywood during the 1940’s and 50’s, at a time when most photographers were constrained by the powerful studio system. However, he used his personal relationships to sidestep these restrictions, permitting him to capture the greatest collection of intimate celebrity images and candid photographs to ever be produced from that period, capturing the glamour and with it a piece of cinema history with each blink of his shutter.

As a result of the unique content that he was able to capture through his camera lens, his ground-breaking photos represent a truly unique and valuable piece of American pop-culture history as its most iconic celebrity heroes. The Frank Worth collection was appraised at $18.7 million dollars in 2010 by Christie’s of London, making it one of the most desirable collectible catalogues of the recent years.